Silvi Knows

Silvi Knows: Trevor Moawad - Mental Conditioning Consultant

January 15, 2020
Trevor Moawad is a highly regarded mental conditioning consultant who grew up in Tacoma and graduated from Charles Wright Academy. In this area, he's best known for working with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, but Moawad has also worked with some of college football's top programs as well as in the military with U.S. Army Special Forces. 
Moawad joins the Silvi Knows podcast this week to discuss a new business he formed with Wilson, who wrote the forward to Moawad's new book, "It Takes What It Takes" (5:00).
In the podcast, Moawad talks about minimalizing negativity and learning how to think neutrally (9:00). He has worked with Wilson for eight years and says every free moment Wilson has, he's working on his body (13:00). Moawad says he has never seen an individual spend as much time in one building (Seahawks headquarters) than Wilson. Moawad talks about the effect Wilson's daily workload has on his family, including his wife Ciara and their children (20:30).
What about players at the college level? How do they handle crushing defeats, like when the Cougars blew a 32-point lead and lost 67-63 (23:00).  What about the Seahawks' last-second loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl 49 (35:30)?  Moawad talks specifically about those two events and says the key to recovery is in the mindset.
Lastly, most of us talk about setting goals and striving to achieve those goals. Moawad suggests it might be better to ask yourself what you can't do to improve, rather than what you can do.