Silvi Knows

Silvi Knows: LCDR Adam Kerrick

July 28, 2020
 In any other year, this would be Seafair week in Seattle. The pandemic wiped out most everything on the Seafair agenda, including the hydroplane races and the Blue Angels. Lieutenant Commander Adam Kerrick of the Blue Angels joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about what he'll miss most about performing over Lake Washington and what makes that airspace so unique.
 The Blues perform over 30 shows annually, but all have been cancelled to this point. Kerrick says the team has been performing ceremonial flyovers and staying sharp as they make the transition to new jets next year. Kerrick talks about those jets and what fans can expect in future performances. It's a quick fix for Blue Angels fans on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

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