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Silvi Knows Dale Tafoya

Silvi Knows Dale Tafoya

July 31, 2020
  Baseball legend Billy Martin built a reputation of resurrecting losing clubs throughout his career. In Dale Tafoya's new book, "Billy Ball", he details the three seasons when Martin returned to his hometown of Oakland and led the Athletics and their fans on a magical ride. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Tafoya describes the lengths A's owner Charlie Finley would go to save money (2:00) and covers the heated rivalry between the A's and Angels, which was fueled by a fiery Martin (10:20). Other topics include the time Martin destroyed his office on a day the A's set an all time attendance mark (19:30). 
  Martin had unique ways of motivating his players, either by angering them or threatening to send them to Seattle (17:00). He also had a way of angering opponents, like calling a successful triple steal against the Tigers that sent a few of their players into a rage in the dugout (15:30). Martin even had a few of his own players beat him up in the shower (22:00). It's all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows:  LCDR Adam Kerrick

Silvi Knows: LCDR Adam Kerrick

July 28, 2020
 In any other year, this would be Seafair week in Seattle. The pandemic wiped out most everything on the Seafair agenda, including the hydroplane races and the Blue Angels. Lieutenant Commander Adam Kerrick of the Blue Angels joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about what he'll miss most about performing over Lake Washington and what makes that airspace so unique.
 The Blues perform over 30 shows annually, but all have been cancelled to this point. Kerrick says the team has been performing ceremonial flyovers and staying sharp as they make the transition to new jets next year. Kerrick talks about those jets and what fans can expect in future performances. It's a quick fix for Blue Angels fans on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows John Clayton

Silvi Knows John Clayton

July 27, 2020
  With the Seahawks and the rest of the NFL reporting to training camps this week, we sit down with Pro Football Hall of Famer John Clayton to talk all things Seahawks on the Silvi Knows podcast. Right out of the gate, Clayton weighs in on the Seahawks' blockbuster trade with the Jets  for Jamal Adams. Did Seattle give up too much in the trade (2:00)? Should the Hawks have instead used two-first round picks to get premiere pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue of Jacksonville(9:00)?
  Clayton explains the status of Hawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar now that he's on the commissioner's exempt list (12:30). He also talks about the chances of Jadeveon Clowney returning to Seattle (15:30) and the guidelines and protocols NFL teams have to follow for the next few weeks to get back to football (17:30).
 What about the status of Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon and their chances of playing in Seattle  (23:20)? Clayton gets us up to date on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Aaron Fuller

Silvi Knows Aaron Fuller

July 20, 2020
With NFL training camps set to open at the end of the month, former Husky Aaron Fuller will begin his quest to make the Seahawks’ roster as an undrafted receiver. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Fuller talks about playing his high school football in Texas (6:00) and the great one-handed catches at UW that helped put him on the radar of NFL scouts (7:30).
Fuller’s punt return skills could help him make Seattle’s roster. He describes what it’s like to be a returner (12:00) and also the challenge of learning the  Seahawks’ playbook (17:50).
  Growing up in McKinney, Texas Fuller was a big fan of the Cowboys, especially after the thrill of playing for Hall of Famer Deion Sanders as a fifth grader (18:00). He talks about that experience and a whole lot of football on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Ryan Rowland-Smith

Silvi Knows Ryan Rowland-Smith

July 10, 2020
Ryan Rowland-Smith spent four seasons pitching for the Seattle Mariners. His journey from Australia to the Majors was a colorful one and he shares some of his memorable stories on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast. Rowland-Smith opens the podcast discussing baseball's return and whether or not he's in favor of MLB's approach to the shortened season and rule changes.
Rowland-Smith talks about striking out the first MLB batter he ever faced, Hall Of Famer Ken Griffey, Junior (14:15). He also talks about his intense days playing for Arizona manager Kirk Gibson and the MMA “bond” they shared (7:10).
Other topics include the origin of Rowland-Smith’s nickname, "The Hyphen" and the abuse he got from fans (8:15), his days as a Ninja Warrior (22:20), his hilarious ability to impersonate an American on demand(22:20), and his days of rubbing elbows in Hollywood thanks to his actress wife, Amanda (31:30).
Rowland-Smith is right at home behind the mic as host of his own podcast (The Top Step) and his personality shines on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

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