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Silvi Knows Zach Hirsch

Silvi Knows Zach Hirsch

September 30, 2020
 Zach Hirsch is a teenage sports analyst with an incredible talent for picking winners. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Zach lets us in on some of his secrets when it comes to betting on sporting events. He's been able to pick the outcome of football, basketball, tennis and combat sports more accurately than the top network analysts and handicappers. Last year, Zach correctly picked the college football playoffs and championship. He also picked over 90 percent of his NFL games correctly including the AFC and NFC Conference Championships and the Super Bowl.
  Hear some of his insight and how you can get his picks every week, all on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Jarett Sims

Silvi Knows Jarett Sims

September 28, 2020
 Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is the early favorite to win the NFL MVP Award. He's off to the best start of his nine-year, NFL career which includes a record-setting performance against the Cowboys. Wilson broke Patrick Mahomes' record, throwing 14 touchdown passes in the first three games of the season. Wilson is also the first quarterback in Seahawks history to throw five touchdown passes in back to back games.
 So why isn't one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL also one of the most marketable? Jarett Sims of Turn2 Equity Partners joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to explain what Wilson and many other top athletes are doing to grow their brand. You might be surprised at the trends among pro athletes to expand their portfolios. Sims presents various ideas and examples of what's going on in pro sports marketing on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Mike Tice

Silvi Knows Mike Tice

September 21, 2020
  Mike Tice played 14 seasons in the NFL, 10 with the Seattle Seahawks. He joins the Silvi Knows podcast this week to talk about his playing days and his over 20 years of coaching experience, which included a run as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.
  Tice talks about the famed 1983 Seahawks season playing for the legendary Chuck Knox (13:00) and getting knocked out in the 1983 AFC Championship game against the Raiders (14:00).
  He shares a lot of entertaining stories about past teammates, including Steve Largent (16:00), Charlie Young (19:00) and Dave Krieg (21:00).
  Tice remembers the grind of NFL training camps back in the day compared to today (23:30) and the need for supplemental income from other jobs just to make ends meet (29:00). Lots of great stories from the former Maryland quarterback who carved out a solid career as an NFL tight end on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Michele Tafoya

Silvi Knows Michele Tafoya

September 4, 2020
As the NBC Sunday Night Football crew prepares for what we all hope will be a full season of NFL football, Michele Tafoya joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to tell us what we can expect when it comes to their national broadcasts.
  Tafoya will not be able to roam the sidelines this season due to Covid restrictions. She explains  her new broadcasting position inside stadiums, reporting from a "moat" (2:00).
  She also tells us what she's looking forward to most as the season gets underway (4:45) and what it will be like inside stadiums with limited or no fans, especially at CenturyLink Field in Seattle (6:30).
  Tafoya has tried to make the most of her time during this pandemic with personal projects (9:45). She also gives us her own take on managing life through the pandemic (10:45) which includes a lighthearted answer on her favorite show she's been binge watching this summer (12:45) all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Warren Moon

Silvi Knows Warren Moon

August 31, 2020
Warren Moon played 23 seasons of professional football, including 17 in the NFL where he threw for nearly 50,000 yards. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, the Pro Football Hall Of Famer gives his opinions on the Pac 12 and Big 10 cancelling their fall football seasons (3:00) and why conferences should not attempt to play two college football seasons in the same calendar year (30:30).
  Moon talks plenty of NFL, including the hiring of Jason Wright as the NFL's first, black team president as he takes over in Washington (6:00) as well as the name change for the Washington Football Team.
  Moon also gives his opinion about Tom Brady playing in Tampa (14:00), Cam Newton in New England (17:30), and the first skillset to fail aging quarterbacks (21:15).
  Find out the best team Moon ever played for (23:30) and the biggest hit he ever took (26:30) all on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Ron Francis

Silvi Knows Ron Francis

August 17, 2020
Hockey Hall of Famer Ron Francis has been tasked with building the Seattle Kraken from scratch. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, the GM of the NHL’s 32nd franchise talks about his formula for assembling a team (2:40) through the league’s expansion draft (4:20), hoping to mirror the success of the most recent expansion team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights (6:30). Will he follow the the Knights’ successful footprint?
 How much more difficult is Francis’s job amid a pandemic (9:50)? Is he in favor of analytics when evaluating players (11:50) and how much does he value a player’s character when evaluating him (12:45)? How soon will Francis hire a coach and what are some characteristics he’s looking for (15:00)? The search for answers continues on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Vegas Dave Oancea

Silvi Knows Vegas Dave Oancea

August 10, 2020
 Dave Oancea, aka "Vegas Dave" bought a Mike Trout baseball card two years ago for $400,000. It's now up for auction and is expected to break the world record previously held by a Honus Wagner card that sold for $3.12 million. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Dave tells the story of how he acquired the Trout card (1:30) and why he's been banned in Vegas sports books (2:30). He's now a record-setting sports betting consultant with a lot of stories to tell, including how his future bet of $100,000 on the Kansas City Royals that won him 2.5 million when the Royals won the World Series (5:45).
  Other topics include the easiest and hardest sports to win money on (8:15) and why he has no plan to bet on the Seahawks or the Mariners to win it all anytime soon (14:45). He does offer a tip on one player to keep an eye on for a future bet (17:30) all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Walter Jones

Silvi Knows Walter Jones

August 3, 2020
 Walter Jones is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL 100 All-Time Team.
Big Walt joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to give his opinion of current NFL players opting out of the season (5:30) and the league's decision to eliminate all preseason games (8:25). He also shares funny training camp stories of his playing days, including his attempt at catching punts to earn the players a night off (10:30) and his humorous take on kickers (12:30).
 Walt also reflects on his playing days alongside fellow Hall Of Famer Steve Hutchinson (18:50), pushing Cadillac Escalades to stay in shape (23:30), his basketball playing days (26:00), and why he chose his now famous number 71 (35:30). 
 Walt shares his thoughts on the Jamal Adams trade (14:00) and the possibility of the Seahawks' Super Bowl window closing (17:00) all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows Dale Tafoya

Silvi Knows Dale Tafoya

July 31, 2020
  Baseball legend Billy Martin built a reputation of resurrecting losing clubs throughout his career. In Dale Tafoya's new book, "Billy Ball", he details the three seasons when Martin returned to his hometown of Oakland and led the Athletics and their fans on a magical ride. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Tafoya describes the lengths A's owner Charlie Finley would go to save money (2:00) and covers the heated rivalry between the A's and Angels, which was fueled by a fiery Martin (10:20). Other topics include the time Martin destroyed his office on a day the A's set an all time attendance mark (19:30). 
  Martin had unique ways of motivating his players, either by angering them or threatening to send them to Seattle (17:00). He also had a way of angering opponents, like calling a successful triple steal against the Tigers that sent a few of their players into a rage in the dugout (15:30). Martin even had a few of his own players beat him up in the shower (22:00). It's all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.
Silvi Knows:  LCDR Adam Kerrick

Silvi Knows: LCDR Adam Kerrick

July 28, 2020
 In any other year, this would be Seafair week in Seattle. The pandemic wiped out most everything on the Seafair agenda, including the hydroplane races and the Blue Angels. Lieutenant Commander Adam Kerrick of the Blue Angels joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about what he'll miss most about performing over Lake Washington and what makes that airspace so unique.
 The Blues perform over 30 shows annually, but all have been cancelled to this point. Kerrick says the team has been performing ceremonial flyovers and staying sharp as they make the transition to new jets next year. Kerrick talks about those jets and what fans can expect in future performances. It's a quick fix for Blue Angels fans on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

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